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SIMPLIFY.ME has been amazing in their responsiveness and ability to transform properties. I have so much confidence in Cat’s ability to de-clutter, work with vendor’s current furnishings, help make spaces feel bigger and enhance the saleability of the properties. Their service creates value – no ifs or butts. There are no dress rehearsals in real estate. I encourage all potential vendors needing styling assistance to call Cat. 

Cat Brown did a wonderful job for us when we sold a property recently. She explained things and listened to our ideas. Her designer eye created an open, bright and airy look and feel which we (and of course our purchaser) just loved.  I recommended her to friends who also sold at the same time and they too, were delighted with the magical transformation she did for them.
Sarah Noras, MELBOURNE

Thanks so much for your invaluable advice on preparing our house for sale Cat! I didn't think we really needed a stylist - but after an initial consult with you I realised how helpful it was to have the perspective of a professional who knows what looks best for the real estate ad photos. In a time of craziness, it helps to have help! I never would have thought of removing an internal door but it was a master stroke. And I'm glad you insisted on 'trying' hanging that artwork in the lounge room (despite my apprehension) - it was perfect there. It was also great to have access to a discount rate for storage through TAXIBOX. I'm so glad I had your help... and you're fun to have around! Thanks Cat xx.


SIMPLIFY.ME was recommended to me when we decided to sell our home of 34 years. It proved to be the best decision I made. Catherine was easy to get along with, articulate and very organised. She decluttered & simplified the home which also started the moving process. Cat is practical and her 'common sense' approach to home organisation is highly recommended. 
Helen Carmichael, NIDDIRE

I was overwhelmed at the thought of simplifying 28 years of possessions. Cat from SIMPLIFY.ME was efficient, relaxed, non-judgemental and helped me shed what I no longer needed. Her sense of humour helped too. I was even enjoying the clearing-out by the end, and am delighted with the results.

Thanks so much for thoughtfully reorganising the house. It is a metamorphosis - the caterpillar into the butterfly. Amazing, great work. I am so pleased. The unit continues to be comfy & cosy. Less cluttered. Your food organisation is brilliant. There's nothing I haven't found yet. Treats strategically relocated. 


We were so fortunate that our real estate agent recommended Cat and her team to us when we wanted to prepare our home for sale. Cat has a straight forward, direct, friendly, positive approach. Her eye for styling is both creative and extremely professional. In our case she breathed new life into tired spaces with her eye for the simple additions to make things look so much more inviting. We were inspired by her youthful, warm, genuine and generous approach to helping us. We were not interested in a huge make over and she helped us with a part style that was within our budget and transformed our home for sale. It made it more attractive for buyers and we achieved a great result.

Her support team are friendly, hardworking and creative. They go about their business in a quietly competent way, adding their own flair to each project.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cat and her team. They are versatile and able to tackle both small and large jobs. They enhance the value of your property as well as making you feel good to be able to present it so positively”

The home looks incredible & I believe we have your hard work to thank! The vendors were thrilled with the finished product. I know our team is very grateful to have found you – it is great to align ourselves with great, like minded suppliers along the way. Thanks.

Photos look fabulous. We thank you for all your hard work. Especially with difficult clients!! Thanks. 


I would rate the overall service from SIMPLIFY.ME a 10 out of 10. The thing that I liked most about the service was the holistic approach that was taken in the first instance; to understand the needs of the client and the fact that nothing seemed to be too much bother. It didn't matter what the request was, Cat was happy to manage it. The process of decluttering and simplifying my father’s unit by sourcing and purchasing household items to make his life easier; remove and recycle rubbish; basic cleaning as well as organizing a professional cleaner to finish the job. Wow it looked fantastic. I found Cat to have a wonderful eye for detail - I could not have done it without her services. Catherine was on top of everything and, if problems arose, sorted them out without worrying me. I was absolutely delighted with the entire process and will have no hesitation in recommending SIMPLIFYME in the future. I have no doubt that I, or my family, will call upon you from time to time. 

Cat from SIMPLIFY.ME came in to my house for an initial consult and immediately had some great ideas as to how we could better utilise rooms to make the flow of the house better. After talking with her, I booked her for a de-cluttering session. I can honestly say that she whipped my 2 most hideous rooms into amazing shape, de-cluttered and styled them to perfection. Cat is fabulous at seeing things that you might not see and can really change the way a room works and therefore how a house feels and operates. She has given me back 2 rooms that before were completely unusable and the best thing is that they have stayed that way and are both functional and beautiful. She has great styling tips as well so she is the whole package. She’s also great fun and easy to be around without dictating or judging.
Megan Wilkins, ELWOOD


We used Cat to stage the home we were selling. Cat did a fabulous job as she had to deal with messy tenants and get them to move a lot of items so the home didn't look cluttered or messy. We had great feedback on the look and feel of the house during inspections. Cat is very professional and easy to work with.