Professional Property Stylists in Melbourne

Our Approach



Inspiring better living through spacious, tidy, & ORGANISED homes


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Beautiful homes feel lived in.  Many property stylists will only work with a blank canvas, we love working with occupied homes. We understand the financial and logistical constraints of styling an empty property, and happily work with your existing furniture in place.

We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to styling. Every single project we tackle is different.  You will have a dream sale price in mind, and we tailor our work and our styling towards attracting your target market. Simply put – we help you construct the dream home for your dream buyer.



Our work is results driven – we don’t waste your time or money installing pieces that wont directly contribute to the overall goal of you achieving your desired sale price.

A clutter-free home is vital. SIMPLIFY.ME started its days as a Professional Organising business, and we still stand for our belief in the universal appeal of a clean, clutter free space and its ability to deliver better results.

We understand the value of the real estate dollar, so we work quickly and efficiently and we get creative developing the look you want.


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